Monday, April 25, 2016

Alina's Letter to Mom:
(Read to the end...crazy how small this world is)_ :)
Yeah life is just crazy as always here too! hahahah!
I lead music every once in a while, but something really cool we did yesterday that I actually loved was teach about the restoration to a less active and instead of reciting the first vision I sang "Manha Maravilhosa" oh how lovely was the morning, radiant beamed the sun above.... and so that was actually really cool and I still loooove to sing and miss having lots of opportunites to do it and to learn new music and such. 
!) My investigators are still dificult and still smoking and still not married, so somethings gotta give here....
2) theyre really nice! They are Sister Garcia and Sister Costas, both brasilians and super nice! 
3) So there are 4 Ap, Elder Sharpe, Elder Arvidson, Elder Veneziano, and Elder Cerqueira, and 4 Sister trianing leaders, Sister Alvez is the new one and Sister Henrique lima was my friend that went home recently that was one too. Then there are like 9 zone in the mission and yes, Elder Lindsey is one of them. Elder McFarland was a zone leader for a long time too, but ended his mission being our district leader. Funny story, we met his dad outside the mission office last monday when he was waiting to pick him up! hahahhaa so random! Oh hi, you speak enlish and youre elder mcfarlands dad! Also, he knows the Strouds and were really good friends with them in Georgia! Small world!!!
LOVE and miss you and so pumped to talk with you all soon WOOHHOOO!!!!

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