Monday, April 18, 2016

So neither I nor Sister Rodrigues were transferred! hyahahhaaha third transfer together in the same area. This is like Boa Esperan├ža all over again, I think I'll end up only having worked in like 4 areas during my entire mission. Or maybe its because theres always less actives and investigators saying, "We're praying so hard that you won't leave!!!" Looks like prayer works people because no one ever stays with the same companion for more than two transfers and this is the second time its happened with me! But I'm happy because I truly love it here and I feel wayyyy too comfortable and at home here, so I thought for sure I'd be transferred. But the big news is that both of the Elders that were here with us were transferred and they're sending two more Sisters! Four Sisters in one ward only! They're going to open the area, meaning that its going to be a Sister Garcia (I dont know who she is) and shes going to arrive tomorrow with sua filha, a newbie that shes gonna train, aka the same thing I did with Sister Rodrigues here. So we shall see how it goes! 
Why are these boys such dipsticks? Has anyone already sat down and said that theyre going down a road that leads to just a cruddy life and that they'll never find happiness if they keep acting like this? Thats pretty much what we do with any investigator that isnt keeping the commandments hahaha! 
Life is good and I'm good! I'm good on shoes, but the black ones you all sent are a little small, so I dont knowwhat to do or if I should just start using them andthey'll loosen up. We'll see!
I dont know when we'll be calling, but we'll talk with the ward members and such this week and figure it out! 

Sister Neal 

Also, for Mothers day I need you to creat a Skype account for me, because I dont even have one hahhaaha! So just create one and, I'm not sure how it works, but add my skype as a friend on your skype (or however it is) and send me the user name and password for my skype and all should go well on Mothers Day. I dont know where were gonna talk or at what time so this week we'll be figuring it out!!! 
All is well here in Brasil just sooo hooootttt! And so many people that are ready for baptism, but have to get married and are waiting for documents, or permission from parents/their 18th birthday and blahhhhhhhhhh! I need to start praying and fasting for more miracles! I know that I'm here in Areia Branca for a THIRD TRANSFER for a reason, so I need to get to steppin to realize all the work we've been building up for two transfers here. oohhhhh life!
Also read Alma 32!!! Its the best and the other day I fully understood what he was saying about the seed and the tree being our testimonies! So many times we leave our testimony to the side, because like a tree it looks fine and all grown and such, but we stop watering and nourishing it (stop doing even the small things like praying and missionary work) and somebody when a storm comes by or the hot sun scortches the tree is going to fall and die and its not because it wasnt a good tree it is because WE didnt care for it properly! Love it!!!! 
From what I've learned on the mission, if you're relaxing you're probably not doing the work of the Lord hahahhaha Keep on pulling the cart, Dad!!! 
LOVE YOU DAAAADDDD!!!!! Good luck with your bicycle and take care of yourself!
Sister Neal 

(I kept getting small e-mails as she was thinking of all the things going on that week.  :)))  Pictures above)

She also gave me that pink skirt, what a PAL

On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 1:06 PM, Alina Neal <> wrote:
WE had splits with the Sister Training Leaders, aka I hung out for the day with Sister Henrique Lima, one of my bffs in the mission hahahah She goes home tomorrow ah! 

On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 1:05 PM, Alina Neal <> wrote:
This means "I love you always and forever" LOVE YOU GUYS 

A less active lady that we reactivated and we're now teaching her "husband" live in guy for like 7 years on or off, but hes actually really good and they're gonna get married now WOOHOO!!! LOVE THEM! 
Some kids from the ward 

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