Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Letter to Dad:

Transfers are next Monday, because this transfer is only 5 weeks and the next one too in preparation for the new presidente coming in (Step-dad Obata as some Elders said the other day ahahhahaha) so that there isn't a transfer the same week he arrives. ahhaha That would be too much! But, WOW two transfers in Areia Branca have almost passed and it feels like I've only been here a couple weeks! I seriously love this área and I already know I'm going to cry a bit saying goodbye to Danielle and some other peeps. I think I'm going to be trasnferred just because I'm way too comfortable here. If you're confortable you're not learning and you're not progressing, so we shall see. Who knows, maybe I'll stay here and train again!
I WOULD LOVE SOME COLDER WEATHER. Not gonna lie, it took a while, but now I just sun screen, on my face at least, every day. This sun is horrible and sometimes its so hot you just feel like you're gonna die in the street. It just makes you feel lazy honestly and I do my hair every day and it just gets completely sweaty and disgusting within an hour, so why I'm even putting in the effort, I don't know! It's "Autumn" now here, but this autumn is more like the hottest summer I've ever experienced. Everyone says last winter they only pulled out the coats one day, so that's comforting. We have one investigator who lives in the favela (like the ghetto, but not exactly. You need to google search to see what a favela really is. We don't have it in the US.) and so there's just all sorts of iniquity, drug selling, and horrible, loud music happening all the time and she said to us that the sun here is a preparation for Hell. She said it so seriously that I actually just died laughing hahahahhaahha!
I didn't even realize that mothers day is coming so soon!!! Where does the time go??? Suddenly I'm just going to be arriving home crying because of the cold. Gonna be good!
Hope all is well with you all!!! Life here is good!
Love and misss you tonnnzzz
Sister Neal

Letter to Mom:

HI MOM!!! I got his email last week but it was the last thing I read and I didn't have time to respond, but I loved it! SO EXCITED to get his real letter! Woohoo!!! We just bought these dresses in little shops here, like if you look there's Always some kind of dress that Works well and is long enough. I'm in love with that blue dress, not gonna lie! I do exercises in the morning, but WOW I need to get better. I stretch and do sit ups and stuff, but it isn't doing much for me. We tried setting the alarm for 6am every morning last week to have time to go running, but every morning we woke up and said, nope, until 6:30 hahahah I TRIED. I didn't leave my bed, but I tried. Oh man mom, I don't think I'm like super chunky but for sures have gained weight, but the members during lunch or Always like, "Eat more! Eat more! You all walk so much and you're Young! You need to eat more!" There are days where after leaving from lunch to go proselyting I have to sit down for a few minutes because of the weight in my stomach and pain. NEVER FORCE THE MISSIONARIES TO EAT A LOT because it doesn't mean they don't like your food, they're just NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS WHO AREN'T SUPER HUNGRY SOMETIMES. But, we're trying to eat less and not offend any irmãs in the process hahaha oh LIFE!
What did Marcelo tell you about the orphange? Thats super interesting!
We had a great zone conference with presdient where we talked about that conference "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" and really what stuck with me is that repentance is a key part of everything we teach. It doesn't matter if we're talking about the Restoration or Tithing, we have to teach repentance and help the investigators realize that they NEED to repent. I loved how much they talked about repentence and the Atonement in Conference. Man, general conference is TOO GOOD!!!!
I loooove youuuuu mooooommm!! One day we will visit my mission and you can meet all these nice women who fed me so much and try to be my mom since I'm far from home;)
Much love,
Sister Neal

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