Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Letter from September 19th, 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 10:26 PM
This week I had one day where I just seemed to notice all of my weaknesses and was just down on myself walking quietly in the street and I thought....this is how people with depression feel every day. It's amazing how we can be kinder and more patient and less likely to judge when we give the other person the benefit of the doubt and try to see ourselves in their shoes. The Savior was mocked, spit upon, beaten, and in the Book of Mormon we read that they even pulled His hair and yet He didn't complain. He called people to repentance for sure! But, He always loved. I would like to see that more in the world. And man! I am almost done with Jesus the Christ and WOW every member of the Church needs to read that book!
It's funny that now I understand spanish better than when I was studying spanish ahhaha the languages are pretty similar, but I still have to concentrate pretty hard to understand what the various Argentines and Mexicans say. This week was pretty good! It has just been difficult this month to baptise people! We've seen some complicated situations and it's been hard to keep up with everyone because this area is HUGE and it's just the two of us now, whereas the past few years this ward has always had two pairs of missionaries. So, we're just here trying to work with two area books and it has been pretty insane.....you would think I'd be losing weight, but no, still as chunky as ever!
I got that package and shared everything with everyone ahahhaha! I wanna go on a diet, but everyone is constantly stuffing us full of food and brasilians bake cakes like evvverrrryyyyddaaayyy and SO MUCH JUICE. But, I need to lose weight foreals hahahaha.
I would like to start school in spring semester, though I worry, because between that and the hawaii trip I wouldnt have time to find a job, but hey, I'll watch someones house if theyre out of town or do about anything to earn money while I'm home. After being used to being on the move for about 12 hours a day, I cant really imagine sitting at home a ton, just chillaxing. I would like to a little bit for sure hahahah but being a bum just isnt gonna work out.

This week was amazing and full of spiritual experiences that I don't have time to write about because I always use all of my time to individually respond to people! haha sorry! Just know that I love you all and I LOVE my mission!!! Time is passing by too quickly and the privelge to be a respresentative of Jesus Christ is just that, literally a privledge! 

Sister Neal 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ward Mission Leaders Family really watch out for the Missionaries
Sure grateful for that.

Alina and her Companion Sis. Goncalo

Pictures from September 19th, 2016

Another pic this week of her district.  The missionary she is
training is all the way to the left.  They must color coordinate
their dress of the day.

September 12th Picture

Alina's District....Missionaries in her area

Picture from September 12th

Puzzle they use to help teach the Plan of Salvation

Alina with Ward Mission Leaders Family. 
Really loves them.  They are all so kind.

Pictures from September 12th

Someday's you talk with whom ever will listen

Letter from September 12th, 2016

This week was good, but pretty dang hard!But, as always, I''m learning a lot, and honestly I love being a missionary and my favorite parts of the day are the lessons. I truly just want to spend all day teaching and baptizing if I could hahaha!!!                                                                
I hope everyone is well and I'm truly praying for everyone back at home.  I love how many youth from our ward are going on missions. It is the MOST IMPÒRTANT thing that any young man or young woman can do at this moment in their life.  My spiritual thought for this week is my favorite talk, its by Elder Bednar from 2006 in one of the conferences. In portugues it is something like, "E por esses não há tropeço" but if you put in the search bar in lds.org "Choose Not To Be Offended" Elder Bednar 2006" you'll find it. Our eternal salvation is our own choice!!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Love you Mom and I love the pics too!!! Our family is so awesome!!! Life is going well and I'm still loving Enseada a lot! What I've realized is that now I'll probably be just as traumatized when I leave here as I was when I left Areia Branca, so thats awesome hahahaha! My district leaders are in Boa Esperança now, so we have district meetings there! I totally went and said hi to a couple of old investigators before we went to the bus stop to come back to Enseada. It was pretty cool! Made me super sad to think that one day I'm going to be far away from my mission. I havent even gone home and I already want to come back to visit everyone! Its a good thing we have facebook and skype and Whatsapp nowdays because without them I think I'd end up going into a depression when I come home! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Man, I miss going to the Temple so much!!! You don't know how amazing it truly is until you've been in the mission field for over a year without being able to go. My trainer (remember good old Sister Oliveira!!! Love her) said after my mission ends she'll come pick me up to take me to the São Paulo Temple and spend the night with her family before going to the airport and home. Also, there's a family here who said they'll pay for me to come back and visit, so here's to hoping that I can come back and visit Santos sooner rather than later;) I was looking at some dates and realized that I'll be coming home literally 5 months from today and I dont know if i'm emotionally prepared for that. There are a lot of moments where I just want to be a missionary forever! This week was good!!! We have seen some miracles and we have so many great pesquisadores that are progressing, so I am truly loving Enseada! There is a couple here that live in our same apartment building that take such good care of us. Go in my facebook for me today and accept everyones friend request for me, please! Especially Magda and Angela and Marcela if they havent already been accepted! Glad to hear all is well and I'm excited to another big old Neal bonfire when I come home hahahha its funny because I was just talking about this with my companion this week and trying to describe those 30 foot flames!  LOVE YOU DAD!!!!