Monday, September 19, 2016

Letter from September 12th, 2016

This week was good, but pretty dang hard!But, as always, I''m learning a lot, and honestly I love being a missionary and my favorite parts of the day are the lessons. I truly just want to spend all day teaching and baptizing if I could hahaha!!!                                                                
I hope everyone is well and I'm truly praying for everyone back at home.  I love how many youth from our ward are going on missions. It is the MOST IMPÒRTANT thing that any young man or young woman can do at this moment in their life.  My spiritual thought for this week is my favorite talk, its by Elder Bednar from 2006 in one of the conferences. In portugues it is something like, "E por esses não há tropeço" but if you put in the search bar in "Choose Not To Be Offended" Elder Bednar 2006" you'll find it. Our eternal salvation is our own choice!!!

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