Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016 (Trainer in a new Area)

IVE BEEN TRANSFERRED TO TRAIN AND OPEN AN AREA!!!! AHHHH! I'm so terrified and feel competely unqualified, but thats okay, vamos ver, né? I'm going to be working in Areia Branca and I'll meet my new companion tomorrow and I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of pictures on facebook when we meet and such hahaha!
I LOVE ALL OF THESE FOTOS AND SEEING EVERYONES LIFE! Those children are all just too cute and I always laugh out loud at pictures like those dress up ones hahahhaha. 
That was a zone conference like two months ago I think. Lets just say, I think I remember what I was thinking in that last picture where I'm sticking out my tongue and everyone looks a little disturbed/ticked hahahha! GOOD TIMES ON THE MISH!!!!
I loved the family newsletter by the way! 

BIG NEWS! Turns out I won't spend my entire mission in Boa Esperança. We had regular transfers this week and it turns out I am going to open an area in Areia Branca and also....I'm going to train!!! Seeing as I only have 5 months of the mission and Portuguese under my belt, I am pretty terrified, but I learn to trust in the Lord more and more every day. I loved being with Sister A. Santos, so I'm sad we only had 3 weeks together, but I am pretty pumped to get to know a new area, new zone, new ward, new EVERYTHING. Its funny because I had a feeling this was going to happen, in all honesty I kind of new, but it was still a little shocking and terrifying nonetheless when I found out. 
We had a GREAT baptism this Saturday after teaching repentance and we were able to baptise a convert;) Vera is SO special and it has been an honor to see her grow and see her family there to support her  (who we've also been teaching.) Veras already been studying Preach My Gospel, so shes a keeper! I'm heading to their house soon to tell them I'm leaving and lets just say there will be tears shed. This family has become a little bit like my family here in our area and I'm going to miss all of them so much! 

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