Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb 29, 2016

You better help the missionaries out, because missionaries are the best! I am glad to here that you guys agreed when the missionaries asked if they could use your names when going to contact them, because that is one of my biggest pet peeves when you ask members for references and the members say, "Well you could visit this person, but you're not gonna tell them we sent you right?!?!" Why is everyone so afraid of missionary work???? You would be helping in the work of salvation! Do you want your friends and loved ones to go to the Celestial Kingdom? Wouldn't anyone want to be a part of helping someone get baptized? For sure before the mission I had a lot of the same fears, but now I don't know what I was so afraid of! Tell everyone about the church and send the missionaries to literally every person you know! You never know who is ready or needing it right now, so just send the missionaries and keep on sending! In the world wide training they talked about how a much greater percentage of baptisms come from references from members rather than our own finding as missionaries. Imagine what would happen if every member gave a reference or two every month. So many more of our friends and neighbors would be baptised, thats for sure. Don't be ashamed of the Gospel, people! It's the best thing you have in your life!!!! 
Well thats my rant for today hahahaha way to go for giving references, Dad! Never let the missionaries leave without giving them at least one address, at least one person to visit. They should ask, but if they don't, remind them hahahha! 
Honestly just keep praying for our investigators here, especially Bruno. He is feeling the Spirit so strongly and knows its true but is giving into fears about leaving his old life behind. My district leader (thats in our area too, so he knows all of our investigators that have gone to church) asked if we needed anything (they ask every day so I like to think of fun responses hahaha) and I said it would be great if he could just throw Bruno in the baptisimal font for me. He suggested that we do it in the polluted canal closer to Brunos house, so maybe that'll happen this week. 
THanks and love and miss you TONZ!!!!
Sister Neal 

I totally cried when I saw the pictures of Nahiomi coming home! hahahhaa I cant believe 18 months have already passed for her, and that 6 months have already passed for me! The time on the mission truly flies foreal. I can't wait to come home and actually talk to her! hahahah Looks like you cooked plenty of food the other day. And you thought you were busy when you had only 7 kids in the house at the same time. ;) Its funny because people are always asking me how many kids I want to have (investigators and such) when I say I love children and I usually answer, "Oh, well atleast 5, like 7 maybe" and everyone looks at me and talks about how crazy Americans are, but foreal I MISS HOLDING BABIES SO BAD. Its the worst rule ever!!!! 
Tell Sister Arteaga that I love and miss her so much and tell her to tell Yoselin to write me! 
This week I dont have tons of time, mainly because I have another space bar not working, but thanks for everything and I love that picture of Nahiomis feet! hahhaha Literally all of us!!! 


My feet are good now but they had some issues hahahah
A collage I made and cut into a puzzle to explain how the gospel has many parts

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