Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 6th - Letter on a Saturday because of Carnaval on 2/8 and 9

Well thats actually not my chapel, so I'm not sure where you're looking! hahaha! Our chapel is on Rua Afonso Schmidt in Areia Branca, São Vicente. Life is going good!  This área is about 3 times the size of Boa Esperança so there's plenty of places to go as well to find new people. We live in an apartment on the fourth floor, so its way up there, but we didnt have to carry our bags hahahah! There are actually two sets of missionaries in this Ward, so we share the área with a set of Elders. They met us at our apartment when we arrived (the mission paid for a taxi) and they carried all of our bags up (including my two GIANT, terribly heavy suitcases), so I will be forever grateful to them ahhahah! Also, its nice because if we don't know where something is they can explain since they've already been here for one transfer together. All in all, life is good! The Bishop here is awesome and wants to help with the work and be involved, so that makes everything easier. Leaving Boa Esperança was sad, though! I said goodbye to Vera (who we baptized last week) and her daughter Raquel (another investigator) and Raquel just cried and cried and cried and cried hahahha I cried a little bit too! It was sad, but I'll be writing them letters to check up on them. I almost cried to saying goodbye to my Ward mission leader hahahha! João was like my brother there in Boa Esperança so it was pretty dang sad leaving him too, but he bought me a book he said I'll love and will be sending that to me one day, so I'll something to remember at least haha!
I got your chocolates and card! DAD YOU ARE TOO MUCH!!!! But I really loved it and shared my candy with all the missionaries that were in the mission office when I was there waiting to meet my greenie. Elder Sharp and Elder Hesselgesser (both Americans) saw and were like, "SEES!!!!" hahahaha everyone loves Sees Chocolates!!!
LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH DADDY!!!!!! Until next monday (gonna be more than a week inbetween letters;( )

So, I had to throw out my black Dance-Co shoes because of only one problem. Turns out I walk on the sides of my feet and the sides of the bottoms of my shoes wore down so much (since we walk a lot hahaha) that I had to throw them out because my shoes were automatically leaning to the side and I was constantly almost turning my ankle. But my other shoes are still fine, so we're get! I may have had an in grown toenail, but I took care of that and the toe was bleeding a lot, but its healing now and I put disinfectant and bandage it every morning before going out. It was hurting a lot, but foreals getting better now! hahahah of feet and the mission are a glorious thing! Sister Oliveira is good, but her feet are pretty terrible. Shes working in Santos now and they can only go out for a few hours each day because of the pain, but so far so good. 

So I know this is a surprise that I'm writing on a Saturday, but it was a surprise for us too ahhaha! Carnaval is this Tuesday so we have to stay inside all Monday and Tuesday since Carnaval means  just everyone getting drunk and dancing naked in the streets. Some áreas are worse than others, but literally there are many women that just paint their bodies with glitter paint and dance naked on the parades and such. There are no rules. I'll be reading A LOT this week, so I'm actually pretty excited for that. There was a book in our apartment called Doutrinas de Salvação or Doctrines of Salvation from I think Joseph F. Smith and the one I'm reading is the third of three books and MOM YOU HAVE TO BUY THESE. He talks about the deep doctrine of so much stuff and what I'm reading now talks a lot about the second coming and it is just one of the most interesting and enlightening things ever. I heard that these books are hard to find now, at least in Portuguese, but if you looked on Amazon or somewhere else on the internet Im sure you'll find them. SO GOOD foreals! Mas, tudo bem, estou feliz e vou parar de reclamar porque preciso agir como Cristo agiria......
My companion is good! Shes like 28, so its actually really weird to train her since I feel a little bit like a child, but shes not terrified to talk to people and do contacts in the street, so that makes my job easier. I know I need to correct some things more to help her improve, but thats hard for me to do with someone whos used to being an adult and doing her own thing anyway. She is really nice though and it's been good so far honestly! We also share our área with a set of Elders and so its been really fun eating lunch all together and having them help us find roads when we dont know where we are. Also, they carried all our suitcases up three flights of stairs to our apartment, so I appreciate these guys hahhaha! One of them is an American that kind of looks like a movie star, but I'm getting used to it now, but its like shocking for a minute every time we see them, but its all good hahahaha! 
Its also nice to have lunch with tall Elders because the Irmãs expect them to eat a ton and dont force me to! woohoo!!! Maybe I'll finallly lose some weight!!

LOVE YA!! Tchau!!!!

Sister Neal

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