Monday, November 23, 2015

Alina Letter - 11/23/15

This was a GOOD WEEK!!!! Two of our investigators were baptized! Woohoo!!!! We've been teaching Antonio (the man nearest to me in the photo) for about 2 months, but we only started teaching Fabio (the blonde guy in the middle. Everyone jokingly calls him my "tio" or uncle because he's blonde with blue eyes just like me hahhaa) 3 weeks ago! They are both AWESOME! It has been an amazing experience to see them grow and see how coming to know the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is changing their lives. It has been fun seeing their progress from the first day we met them on the street or in their home to know after they've both worked so hard to quit smoking and are now sharing the gospel with their family and friends already. 
This week: a dog peed on me (literally on me), theres been both a lot of rain and a lot of sun, annnndddd ummm I cant think of anything else right now, but I only have 4 minutes left on the computer so it is probably the strees of that affecting me hahahha 
Much love to everyone! 

Sister Alina Neal 

Pictures below are Alina's current District in her current area, her and her companion and her most recent baptism:

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