Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Alina Letter - 11/9/15

So I wasnt transferred today! Woo hoo! Sister Oliveira and I are both staying here this transfer, but we are going to get a third companion. I already know that trios are hard, so it is a little stressful, but it is so good so that I'll have another person to go out and teach with when Sister Oliveira has to stay in and not walk because of her feet. They are a little better but sometimes she just wakes up with tons of pain. She met with the podiatrist that the mission chooses in the main city of Santos, so he is good and he sees all the missionaries so he understands the mission life. Pretty much it is something wrong with the shape or something of her feet that make it so they become inflamed when walking a lot. And the problem with this is that we walk... ALOOOT. He pretty much said that truly she needs to stay in the house for two weeks, take this pain medication and do a month of physical therapy so they're trying to figure it out. She is afraid because she really doesn’t want to go home, but the doctor said that if she doesn’t take care of it it will become a chronic problem where she will always have pain when walking for the rest of her life soooooo it is hard, but I am still really happy that we'll be together for Christmas:) woohooo! If you all send another package please send some of those twisty crayons where you turn the plastic thing and it comes up because she really loves mine hahahaha
Lucas, the less active who has come back with his family and who is preparing for a mission, went out with us after church on Sunday to teach lessons and man, that kid was just waiting for someone to invite him back! He was awesome and said some great things in our lessons!

Also, the word of wisdom and the law of chastity are so important! Honestly, it isn’t a lack of testimony or the Spirit that keeps people from being baptized most of the time, it is their inability to follow one of these two things and truly have a conversion and make it to baptism.

All is well here and I honestly am really healthy other than the fact that I am not eating super healthy, which I hate! Salads aren’t really a thing here! 
How are the missionaries in our ward doing? Did all their baptisms come through? Please make friends with the recent converts, because missionaries NEED MEMBERS TO HELP THE CONVERTS STAY IN THE CHURCH AND HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCE. This is literally the hardest thing ever, because technically after baptism the ward is supposed to take over teaching and helping, because as missionaries we just dont have the time, but it doesnt always happen. Man! 

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