Monday, November 16, 2015

Alina's Letter - 11/16/15

First of all, I hope everyone had a delightful week! 

Second, I keep forgetting to give everyone who has asked my address, so here it finally is! Write me letters and I will of course try my hardest to respond:)

Sister Alina Neal
Av. Dona Ana Costa
414- Sala 24-25- Gonzaga 
BRAZIL 11060-002

Hi Dad.  I loved hearing about stake conference and man, honestly wish I could have been there! Sounds like youre on your way to becoming a 70, be careful;) Our stake conference was good and Presidente e Sister Cabral spoke as well about keeping the sabbath day holy. Also, presidente talked about how simple salvation truly is. He listed off the things we have to do to gain salvação and it included things just like reading your scriptures every day, praying morning and night, and etc. It reminded me of the time you said you had never been in a disciplinary counsel withh someone who was truly doing these things every day. You probably dont remember saying that because this was at least probably a couple years ago, but I never forgot it because it stuck with me the importance of doing the basics every day. You and mom have always been great examples of that, especially with trying to go to the Temple every week too. I think the basics are what build a strong foundation for a testimony and only then when we're doing those things are we going to learn to truly love the gospel and want to learn more and more. It reminds me of one investigator that we have right now, Fabio. I love Fabio! He was going to the baptist church next to us, but one day talked with us on the street and wanted to learn more. He is a GOLDEN. He still has to stop smoking, but he LOVES the Book of Mormon and is reading it every day. After like the first week he told us, "I know that this book is the word of God." And now he is truly preparing for baptsm! He loves talking about the gospel and seriously would go to church every day if we had meetings that often I think hahahha Antonio, the other investigar that you saw a picture of, is finally parando de fumar (stoppíng smoking, stopping to smoke, literally I am having amoment right now where I cant remember how to phrase this in english ahhahaa) and hopefully will finally be baptized! I have faith!!!
So, I hear that you communicate with the mission office all the time! Dad! What are you doing?! hahahah Presidente Cabral told me that you're more involved with the Santos mission than I am!!! hahahaha oh Father.....What a life! WLOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

This week was good and had both terrible rain and really hot sun. One night we were at the house of an investigator and it started to storm really badly with wind that was knocking over things and Fabio (the man we are teaching) wouldn't let us leave because it was so bad. Luckily, it calmed down and he and his cute, elderly mother drove us home. The next day we saw saw trees down and things, so I am pretty grateful we did'nt have to walk home in that. 

The next day was SUPER SUNNY and I have some hilarious, sister missionary tanlines. My favorite tan lines are on my feet because my toes are just super white compared to the top of my feet and it's hilarious. 

Unfortunately, this is all I have time to send today, but know that life is good! And I love Brasil! Woo!

Sister Neal 

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