Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Alina Letter - 11/03/2015

It was a great, really hard, really good, really hard week haha! Sunday we had baptism of Walacy, a ten year old boy from a family that is coming back to the church and so it was a very happy day for me, Sister Oliveira, and all involved! We are continuing to teach and work with the family, so it has been fun getting really close to them. It feels like I am right back in the chaos of my own family when I am at their house and their mom is yelling at all 7 of the kids to pay attention to what the Sisters are saying. 
The hard part about this week was that my companion had some serious foot issues and the doctor wanted her to stay in bed for THREE DAYS. This means that we had to find some irmãs from the ward that were willing to go out and be missionaries with me. This was fairly hard since I am still in my first transfer of training, so I don't speak Portuguese all that well still and am in no position to suddenly be leading the charge in proselyting and teaching lessons, but all went well! A woman who was baptized the week before we got to the area went out with me yesterday and she was so cute bearing her testimony and making friends with all the investigators. I prayed a lot that everything would go well and the Lord definitely blessed me with the ability to understand and communicate in order to share His gospel and get what needed to get done done! 
Also, I read a talk by Elder Bednar called Strength Beyond Our Own that everyone should read! He talks about how the Lord gives us Heavenly strength to get through our trials, He doesn't just take them away. I have definitely seen that in my life and especially here in the mission. Honestly though, read it! It is amazing and there are a lot of details I don't have the time to include right now hahaha
Well, everyone! Keep on keeping on! Share the Gospel! Please help your local missionaries and READ THE BOOK OF MORMON! It is vital to help your testimony grow and to be strengthened by the Lord!

Muito amor de Boa Esperança,
Sister Neal 

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