Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30, 2015

 Life is good here in Brazil as to be expected, just raining a lot and sometimes really hot, so you never know what its going to be like when you wake up!                                                                                                                                             I never thought this would happen, but literally in every dream I have now I'm a missionary. It just takes over all you think about so much that sometimes you cant sleep at night thinking about what you need to do to help your investigators and then you dream about teaching them, so all in all we never truly take a break from missionary work hahaha. Presidente talked about working harder to get references last week at zone conference and said we should be waking up in the morning with an address in our hands, so maybe I'm working my way there hahahha.
YOUR EMAIL MADE ME SO HUNGRY, probably because we have nothing like any of that here. We just eat a lot of rice and beans (literally every day) or noodles with a tomato sauce, chicken beef, stuff like that. I do love this thing called Feijoada that you should learn to make cuz it is gooooood;)                      
         Lets just talk about how embarrassing it is that I teared up a little when I read that UofL won the football game hahaha!  Another embarrasssing thing, I totally forgot about Thanksgiving! The week before I thought about it a little bit and then suddenly this past friday we were talking with a member from church and she mentioned that it was black friday. I was like, "What? No its not, because that would mean yesterday was.....oh. Thanksgiving happened." I'm loving all the pictures! For sures makes me wish I was back at home for things like that! But, you are so right, that I feel like it was maybe only a couple months ago that I was spending Thanksgiving at Kenzie's house out in Utah. One year later and here I am in a small interenet house in Santos, Brasil with no air conditioning and a ten year old boy next to me playing video games and yelling and being overall a little obnoxious hahaha. Beau better stay out in Utah just so I have somewhere to go for Thanksgiving two years from now! (WOW two years are going to pass before I see another American Thanksgiving or Christmas!) 
I also forgot about Mockingjay part two! MAN I WANNA SEE THAT MOVIE! But the promise of watching it on a huge screen in a dark basement makes it all worth it hahahah Already pumped for that! 
Life is pretty good here! I am getting ahold of the language and sometimes I just stop and think "wow I am having a conversation in Portuguese right now and I actually understand what everyone is saying. This is strange. Four months ago this all just sounded like gibberish." Of course I'm still not fluent, but itll happen eventually! With one of our recent converts (Antonio, the darker guy) I foreals have almost no idea what he is saying half the time because he is from the North East of Brasil, or the Norteaste (nor-teas-tchee) and they have a different accent there and his accent is strrrooonnngg hahaha.                                                                                                                             Since I am the only American within miles nobody thought about Thanksgiving and I forgot, soooo nada hahaha
LINDSAY IS GOING TO MERIDA MEXICO ON MARCH 23rd!!!! How exciting is that! Just me and all my best friends serving in different countries hahaha it is awesome.  Life is good! 
Hope this week is delightful for everyone! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!


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