Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016

I died laughing at the pictures mom sent me of everyone goofing around and dancing hahahah good to know nothing has changed at the old Neal homestead! Yes I got the package and loved it!!! I havent opened any of the cards though, I'm just going to open on my birthday and the other one when it gets closer to Christmas. I especially loved that bracelet that says "Forever Family" and totally use it every day! 
This week was good, but insane! After two weeks of not being in our area to work and not going on splits with sisters we ran and taught 30 lessons this week and did 3 splits! hahahaha I thought I was going to die and was soooo tired and then suddenly there was an emergency transfer and we had to go meet up with our new companion to be in a trio! Today there was another emergency transfer and the sister that stayed with us since thursday is going to Caraguatatuba suuuuper far and there was a miscommunication, and long story short she missed the greyhound bus and we'll be waking up bright and early tomorrow to leave for the terminal at 6am to catch the next bus. WHAT A LIFE. But, I'm super great and only have time to think about and focus on the mission, so theres not time for me to ever get trunky or even think about skype hahaha ;) But it will be on the 25th for sure! I don't know what time yet, but it is going to be on the Sunday of Christmas. Life is good, the Gospel is true annnd I don't really know what else to say!  You're the best, Dad! And not just for the money hahahah!!
Are you all participating in the campaign for Christmas about Light the World??? Every day theres a video and things we need to do and so the whole family should be participating daily!!! The other day one of the options was to write a list for your parents about the things they were right about. Sooooo thanks for being right all those times you all didnt let me leave the house in skirts that were too short and for always making two vegetables at dinner. I miss eating so many fruits and vegetables! Maybe I eat more fruit now here, but people in santos dont include vegetables always in their meals and I just love vegetables so much. 
okay, thats about all for now, because I'll be talking to you soon!

Sister Neal 

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