Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Well, I was transferred! President decided that he wanted two companionships of Sister Training Leaders and so we (me and Sister Garcia) will be "training" two new Sisters to be SLT. I will spend my last transfer opening another area that is called Orquidário, which is right next to Jabaquara. Sister Garcia and I were pretty dang sad to be separated and in the beginning I was VERY sad to spend my last transfer opening a new area (especially one that is just apartment buidings in the center of Santos...) but my companion is really great! Her name is Sister Ñiquen and is from Peru! My first Hispanic companion! Woohoo!!! I realized that really I should nbe grateful to have the opportunity to have to work REALLLY hard my last transfer and give my all, and hey, that way I wont even be able to think about home hahah! 
LOVE YOU ALL!! It was great to see and talk with everyone!

Sister Neal 

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