Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Letter from December 19th, 2016

Okay, so this year we have TWO HOURS OF SKYPE!!! Woohhooooo so that means heck yes I wanna talk to and see everyyyyooonnnnnee!!!!! ? I'm pumped! But, yes when it hits 1 hour and 59 min I'm turning it off okay! 

MOM! I dont even feel like I need to tell you about my week or anything because I'm going to talk to you hear in a few days, but just know that this week was amazing because we worked with the members and saw miracles! The missionaries need the members SO MUCH!!! One irmã from the ward invited our investigator over for lunch and just talked to her a ton yesterday and we didnt even know until we talked with the investigator later that night. This RARELY happens, but every time it has happened I've seen people baptized, that arent just baptisms, but true converts that stay firm, because they have the support of someone they know that truly cares about them and can share their life experienes in the Gospel. 
We had the mission conference for Natal as well and it was super fun, and just a ton of work as well, because after receiving my calling as a SLT I feel like I'm just running all the time and organizing things. Yesterday was pretty insane because of this, but I just love it! I've learned to be busy all the time and it's exhausting, but great, because I feel like I'm truly fulfilling my purpose and what Heavenly Father wants from me, which is something I want to continue doing when I get home. 
I love and miss you all and hope all is well.  My call will be a little earlier, because Christmas is also Sunday and transfers, so at 6 oclock we have a meeting in the mission office with President and the assistants. 

Sister Neal 

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