Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I have to admit that sometimes I think this calling is going to kill me, but its all good! hahaha! I woke up between 5am and 5:30 every day last week for travel and different things, so I'm pretty dang tired, but I'll probably try to take a one hour nap here quickly before pday ends!  We gave a training about the importance of keeping our commitments as missionaries and how we need to verify that all of our investigators understand what we're asking them to do and that they understand that this isn't just a couple of young kids asking them to do something, but the Savior Jesus Christ offering them their salvation. Ensinar arrependimento e batizar conversos! I was reading that scripture in the Book of Mórmon about not leaving the day of our repentence until the end and I just realized that the scripture isnt just talking about our own repentence, but also the repentence of other people. Its like Jacob 1:19. We have the responibility the share the gospel and teach, because if not, we won't be pure before Christ on the last day. So, we also can't leave the repentence of others until the end as well! If we don't teach them the commandments and show them the way of salvation, that's exactly what we're doing. 

I'm great! But still so exhausted! Hahahah! We went this week to Peruíbe, Praia Grande, Serra do Mar, São Vicente, Santos (so my chapel where we have church here in Jabaquara ahha), Guarujá, and Caraguatatuba!!! It was fun and I love the training we gave about our missionary purpose and teaching people and not lessons, so it was great. Also, it was fun to get to know Presidente and Sister Obata better! They're awesome!  Presidente and Sister Grahl from the CTM visited our mission and went to the last two zone conferences, so it was cool to get to know them too. They're too sweet! 
Something cool I was studying this week is 3 Nephi 12:10 and what it means to make sacrifices for the love of Christ. President Packer said that missionaries have to do contacts, because every missionary needs to learn what it means to be rejected for their love of Christ. I would say that this applies to every member of the church too. We have to share the gospel sometimes because we have to learn what its like to be rejected for our love of Christ. If we haven't had that experience yet, it's something we need to have, to truly understand better our Savior. As Presidente Cabral always said, "Que privilégio!" When youre suffering, you're becoming more like Christ, so What a privilege!!!!!

Love you!!!!! 

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