Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nov. 14, 2016

hahahahah everyone I talk to this week is always like, "Hey youre american! So, how do you feel about Donald Trump being your president? Did you know he is going to build a giant wall so that the mexicans cant cross the border anymore?" What a life!

Did you all know that today we had transfers again? These past 6 weeks have passed by more quickly than ever in my entire mission? Thankfully I'm still in good ol Jabaquara with Sister Garcia and loving life!!! We had two baptisms this week and it was awesome! You would love Barbara. She's only 18, but has a one year old son Miguel (who is the cutest thing in the world and makes me soooo sad sometimes that I cant hold babies!) and is amazing. She's super quiet, but understands EVERYTHING!

Being a STL is great, but hard, especially when I have to correct something, I DONT LIKE HAVING TO CALL SISTERS TO REPENTANCE. Luckily, patience and love are some things that I havent had much difficulty with.  Just courage! hahaha! And its true how important it is to use the scriptures to teach in every situation!  Like, Jac√≥ 1:19 we have to teach doctrine and correct doctrine,  because if we dont, the sins will be upon us! How scary! I have enough sins, I dont need my investigators sins as well hahaha! LOVE YOU MOM & DAD! and thanks so much for everything!

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