Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 3rd, 2016 - A new Change for growth for Alina

Dear Dad, Mom & Everyone!

Yes! Today we had transfers! I trained Sister Gonçalo for her entire training, so 12 weeks or two transfers. I received the transfer call from the Assistants early like 7am today, which is strange since usually it is our district leader that calls, but honestly the moment I saw the assistants number, I already knew. I was called to be a Sister Training Leader, which means me and my companion (Sister Garcia who I already know and LOVE) are in charge of helping all of the sisters in the mission and we do splits with them and give training meetings sometimes and such. Tonight after pday ends (so here in just a couple hours) we have to go to the mission office and prepare a training for the people that were called to train the new missionaries who arrive tomorrow. We do a lot of splits, but we have an area, so I am now in Jabaquara in Santos, the big city! I'm excited, but extremely nervous as well, but all will be fine! Haha I'm excited to be able to serve all the sisters in the mission more as well.

WOW I was really sad to leave Enseada because that place and all of those people truly turned into my family and saying goodbye to some amazing recent-converts was hard. Marcela and Kellnner (Marcela is his mom and Kellnner is like 16) live close to the apt of the missionaries in Enseada and so I was able to say goodbye to them, and it was hard!!  Kellnner cried SO MUCH and just thanked me for everything, for finding them, and all that we taught them and his baptism and everything. It was emotional!  Joel and Magda were like parents to me there in the apartments.  I wanted so much to just hug Joel and say "Thanks Dad!"
  But I know I'm gonna see them again, hopefully sooner than later! But I am good!

Conference was truly amazing! Presidente Uchtdorf pretty much expressed everything I was thinking and feeling as well!  Loved it all!!!   I thought I saw Josh Hancock while I was watching General Conference but afterward was like, no, theres no way that is him. Is he even old enough to go on a mission?  hahahah totally saw him!

LOVE,  Sister Alina Neal

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