Monday, October 10, 2016

Letter from 10/10/2016

This week has been crazy since I was called to be a Sister Training Leader and that means planning and giving trainings for all the new trainers, leadership meetings, and planning and going on splits with literally ALL of the Sisters in the mission (around 50) so life is busy. Haha, but I am LOVING it!!!                                                                                                       

Monday I came to Santos from Guarujá and that took a while to organize everything and then leave Sister Gonçalo with her new companion  and met up with Sister Garcia in the mission office at like 5pm. I LOVE SISTER GARCIA! We served in Areia Branca one transfer at the same time (my last transfer when I was with Sister Rodrigues) and I already liked her a lot and now we're just companions and best friends. She has been a SLT for one transfer now (6 weeks) & is HILARIOUS and works hard and is super happy and loves being a missionary, so working together has been just the BEST.  Monday P-day ended at 6pm as normal, but we had to stay in the mission office and prepared the training for the new trainers and that lasted until about 8:30, so we just had barely enough time to arrive home from the office with our things and open our apartment because we're opening an area as well.  The last missionaries that were here were the old Sister training leaders, so the area book was perfect and organized and the house was clean, so I cannot complain!  It's just learning about the area and finding your way around the city that's hard, especially since this area is HUGE and there are like, small mountains that we have to walk up sometimes. My legs are killing! hahaha! But life truly is great and WOW, wasn't conference amazing??? I don't even know what was my favorite part, but last night we watched the womens session and Presidente Uchtdorf killed it. LOVE him and every time I see him it reminds me of Dad!  
Love To Everyone!
Sister Neal

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