Monday, October 31, 2016

Letter from 10/31/2016

I love you people!!! And CONGRATS for teaching an investigator in our house! That's so cool!!! And thats the best way for an investigator to stay strong. They just need friendships in the church. The real challenge is to see if you all could do it at least once a week? This can be a challenge for the whole family! Teach an investigator in your house or have someone from your home go with the missionaries to teach someone at least once a week! If all the members in the world at least tried to do this, every ward would see weekly baptisms as well. It's astounding how quickly investigators progress when they see the testimony of a member, because they dont see us missionaries as normal people. Do it! Challenge every one to do it! 30 min-1 hour a week isnt that much time and doing so could save someones eternity.
I dont know what I want! I think honestly I would just like to get money sometime soon to buy material and pay someone to make a couple of skirts and a dress for me. And truly, thats about it! Hahhha! I just want BAPTISMS! THAT is what I want for my birthday and Christmas, so if everyone could make that happen, that would be great!

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