Monday, October 31, 2016

Letter from 10/24/2016

Life is good! So crazy and I never get to sleep enough, but it is truly amazing! As before, Sister Garcia is just the best and our only problem with obedience together is the fact that we just start talking and lbha blah blah and talking and talking and suddenly we're like, hey we're not even talking to people in the street, let's focus! But, it's amazing because our companion study is great and we work great together.
It's been an adventure being a sister training leader because every Sunday night now we have a meeting with the assistants and President to review alll of the numbers of the week and the splits and talk about literally every missionary in the mission, so we don't even end up having any time to do normal work on Sundays. This week we did splits in Guaruj√°- Santa Rosa and Enseada, so I got to go back to Enseada! hahahah I saw Izabela and Marcela and they both freaked out and I got so excited to! andnnnnndd MARCELA WAS FINALLY BAPTIZED!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!
It's been interesting seeing people do a lot of wrong things in the mission and then know that its my responsibility to correct and teach, because thats just hard for me! I always want to be everyones friend, but I've learned to love and teach the doctrine is the most important thing, because like investigators, the Sisters in the mission CANT BE BLESSED if they're not doing things right.

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