Monday, August 29, 2016

Letters from 8/29/2016

Oh, we have already received and pretty much demolished the 4 small packages! hahahah I shared with all of our district when I got them. Everyone was pretty dang happy to say the least! This week was actually really good!  Well, we're now the only companionship here in Enseada, which is INSANELY difficult, because we are trying to visit all of our investigators, and the investigators that the other sisters had, and still make sure the less-actives, recent-converts, and other members feel loved and gooooodness gracious. It is insane, but GOOD. 

Dad, you would LOVE my  bishop and LMA here in Enseada, they remind me of your personality and these men have been like our Dads here. Meetings usually just end up with everyone dying laughing and them teaching us life lessons hahahaha! Also, their wives completely take care of us too, so I have to say, we've been pretty spoiled with some of the great members here. It's always nice to have members that live in our apartment building too, because they give us food sometimes when we're heading up at night hahahah! I hope all is delightful with you all!!!! LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!

Life is good here!  And nothing new other than a BAPTISM AGAIN THIS WEEK!!!  Izabela is the love of my life and she loves me to death too ahahhaha! She's 21 years old and has made so many big changes in her life the last 3 months. She has a testimony of the Book of Mormon that is SO STRONG and I love how she loves going to Institute every saturday! Can I just say, she is a true CONVERT!!!!!!! She just cried during the entire baptismal service and it was beautiful!!!

Just know that I received this today and CRIED because wow that kid is amazing!!!! Hiag was an ivestigator that had been going to church for a while that we taught and won the love of his mom, who had previously pretty much hated the missionaries. I bonded with his dad who REALLY hated the missionaries talking about the Karate Kid there in Areia Branca. Man, this made me so happy today!!! And look at this kid practicing his english ahahahha!!! 

This is his email:

Hey sister! That's me, Hiag from Areia Branca ward, who wasn't baptized because my parents did not allow...
So, gess what? I finally got that!!! I'm finally a truth member of the church of Jesus Christ of the latter days saints. There is 1 month now and I am really happy, also, I am goimg to receive the bigger priesthood in this sunday, on the stake conference!!!

I am so happy and so thakfull as well for your teachings and our speaches. I am already visiting people with the Elders and things like that. I really wish I could visit some families with you and sister Rodrigues.

Well, I hope you are having a good work and I wish this e-mail arrives to you because Idk if you have already got back home or if this e-mail is the right one kkk

Miss you sister!

Hugs, Hiag

Ps: as I'd promissed, there you are a photo of my baptism, a friend of mine have done this.

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