Monday, August 29, 2016

Letters from 8/22/2016

I JUST LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES!!! Mom, you win at life for being the best picture sender there ever was. I keep looking at thesee pictures and everyone looks different! EVERYONE. I'm not going to recognize anyone when I get home! What the heck!!! We took some great pictures today because our ward mission leader's wife (who is also a recent-convert) took us to all sorts of beautiful turist points to take pictures. She has lived in Guarujá her  entire life so she knows everything. IT IS SO COLD TODAY!!! It got down to 16 degrees celcius so I pretty much almost cry every time I have to leave the apartment hhahahhaah! And no, I dont know what I am going to do when I arrive in Kentucky in the dead of winter. I've honestly forgotten what winter really is. It was POURING raining yesterday and we got so soaking wet. We arrived in the house of Marcela (a woman we're teaching who is the LOVE of my life and I want her to marry someone in our family, so I will shamelessly send you all a picture of her when I can and feel free to send them to Lori to send to Johnny if  he is still single) and Kellnner, her son who was baptised about a month ago. She gave us towels and we talked about the priesthood and family history, so it was a good night. Also my companions and our LMA and his wife surprised me on my 1 year mission anniverary! They made stir-fry for me (It was DELICIOUS) and there were even candles hahahahhaa! Add Magda Ribeiro on facebook mom, because she wants to be able to send you all the pictures and she too is like my mom here in Enseada. Love these people! I am well, so stinking tired, but good!
I have learned a lot about the Atonement this week and what it means to truly use the Atonement in our lives. I think I said this the other week to you all, but what I now know is that the purpose of the Atonement isnt just to turn us clean. We arrived on this Earth pure and so if we return to God only having turned pure again, this life hasnt proffered us anything. We have to use the capacitating power of the Atonement to turn into MORE than we imagined we could be. This is hard, this is painful, and usually involves a LOT of difficulties, but the Lord will make us into miracles if we reach out to Him and truly trust in Him. It is like 2nd Nefi 2: 22-25 or something like that "Todas as coisas foram feitas segundo a sabedoria daquele que tudo conhece." He knows all and we must trust that He knows best for us and will direct His servants here on earth for our wellbeing.

I LOVE YOU, DAD!!!! This week was still hard ahhahaha but so GOOD! Paulo, a 17 year old boy from a less-active familiy was baptized and now he and his dad are coming to church together. We had transfers today and I stayed in Enseada! Woohoo!!! hahahah Literally I am going to finish my mission having had probably only 4 areas, but thats okay, makes me fall in love with the people and it will be easy to visit everyon one day when I come back to visit.
We've been baptising every couple of weeks and are truly seeing the ward grow and the fruits of our labors. This has been proof to me of the love that the Lord has for us and that I'm not truly a failure hahahaha Life is HARD, but is also pretty dang good! 

I hope all is well with yall and man, how I want to go hangout in the OBX with all the fam! I cant believe one year has already passed truly is crazy how quickly time passes, especially in the mission where you have no notion of time truly passing hahahah!


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