Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016

This week was actually pretty dang awesome!!! We baptized Kellnner, a 15 year old young man who has already turned bffs with the other young men in the ward and who's Mom, Marcela was just too happy to see his baptism! Marcela wants to be baptized so badly as well, but she's divorced from her ex-husband, but still living in the same house as him because she doesnt have enough money to rent anything for her and her two kids, so it's complicated and really hard, especially since she's just taken the Gospel in like a sponge. The other day she was telling us how she downloaded all the church videos and was watching Meet the Mormons when she couldnt sleep at night. The worst part is that I still havent watched Meet the Mormons hahahahha one day! We have some amazing investigators that came to church and loved the baptismal service as well, so it was amazing. 
List of people to continue praying for: Kellnner, Marcela, Isabela, Christian, and Giovani!!! These people are so great and Kellnner was baptized, but the rest are so ready and could all be baptized this month with faith and a few miracles! Love to hear that everyone is doing good as usual. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!
And if in this package you could send some beef jerkey (the brasilians love this stuff and think it is amazing ahhaa), Pez candy and the cute applicator thing hahaha, Nerds and some other Willy Wonkey candies, and fritos or cheetos everyone loves. Or surprise me;) hahahah mostly just the Sisters I live with want and love lvoe love American sweets, so they (and me as well) will get pretty pumped haha!
Love and miss ya, Dad!!! You're the best and if you havent seen the church video called Earthly Father, Heavenly Father, watch it and know that I think about you and cry every time I see it!!!

Sister Neal 

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