Sunday, July 31, 2016

From 7/25 - A bit slow in posting

Sometimes I don't know why the time passes so quickly on email and suddenly I end up reading a ton and only responding to a couple people, but thanks to both you Mom and Dad for the emails!!! How is life everyone? It was good to hear that Moms bday was a smash and the family got together to cause chaos as usual. Man! How I miss that chaos!!! I was thinking a lot this week about how truly blessed our family is and why, even with the difficulties and such, everyone is generally pretty dang happy. The other day in my personal study I read Alma 29:4-5 that talks about how God will always bless us according to our desires. If we want to have something and beg enough, even as He knows we will suffer because of that something, eventually He will let us have it. I always think about Joseph Smith and the lost pages of the Book of Mormon. God will grant us what we desire, be it salvation or eternal suffering-it is truly our choice and will always be our choice. 
Please always keep praying for our investigators, especially Marcela, Kelner, Paulo, and now Cristiano!!!!! The miracles this week is this man we met who is completely and so totally ready for baptism and has a baptismal date for the 13th of August. And he is British!!! he's been living in Brasil for a few years now, and already met members, but Sunday was his first time visiting the church. We teach him in Portuguese and English, so that he understands completley and I've discovered that now I have serious difficulties in carrying on a conversation in English, it was actually just embarrassing seeing as I almost couldnt remember some words in English and such. 
LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND MISS YOU ALL! Always remember that our blessings and happiness depend on our righteousness and how we keep the commandments!!!

Sister Neal

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