Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

This was an amazing week foreals! On Saturday we had the baptism of Danielle, the amazing 25 year old girl that I met a few weeks ago when we were running down the street to go home. It was my most Spiritual baptism thus far and one of the best experiences of my mission too. I'll never forget the look on her face as she left the water, walking up those 4 steps toward me. She had this dazed look on her face and I just grabbed her into a super wet hug hahahha. I already had some tears in my eyes and I asked her, "How do you feel?!" She tried to explain and just started crying and I hugged her again. I felt the same way and teared up a lot as I watched her be confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost the next morning at church. She's truly someone really special and I can't wait to return to Santos, Brasil one day to see her get married in the temple or leave for a mission! She is so special and someone I've connected with a lot.
Also we had a great mission conference this week and a lot more spiritual experiences as we talked about Christ and all he truly did for us. Our objective in this life isn't just to follow Christ, it is to turn our will over to Him and become like Him. When we were baptized we promised to take His name upon us, so we've already made the choice, already used our agency. Now, we just have to recognize what is right and DO IT. Presidente and Sister Cabral really are awesome! 
I hope everyone had an amazing week and ate as much as I did this Easter;)
Love you all!!!!

Sister Alina Neal 

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