Monday, March 7, 2016

Alina's Update March 7, 2016

Life is good and we've been finding some great new investigators this week! The only hard part is one of our investigators Bruno and truly his fear to let go of the life he was living and take harder, but more rewarding path of the Gospel. We were talking about the law of chastity with him (for the second time) and he said something like, "but its just so hard!" and he'd been complaining a little bit and acting like a child and I was just so mad hahahah! You know I'm not someone who gets angry often, but I was just so annoyed with the way he knew everything was true and just didn't want to put in the work to live it and I just got super serious and he could tell by my face that I was kind of ticked. I said, "Bruno, in life there are two roads. You can do the uphill climb and it's going to be hard. You're going to have to work constantly, but you're going to arrive at the top of the mountain with only happiness, seeing all you accomplished and seeing all the dangerous things you avoided with a clearer perspective. Or. You can take the road downhill and it's going to be easy. You're just going to have fun all the time and it is a path that doesn't take very long, but at the end you're at the bottom left with nothing, only able to look up and see all that you missed and it's going to be even harder to arrive at the top once you've realized what you've done. Only two roads, Bruno, but it's your choice." He started thinking a lot after that one and said, " made me think a little bit there." So I'm just praying that he finally works through these things and gets baptized already!!!! Life is good overall though and I'm happy!!!!

Sister Neal

My companion took this photo when we were walking down a reeeaallllly big hill (mountain kind of) that we had to climb to get to lunch.
My companion told me to pose hahahaha 

Thanks for your prayers! I'm trying to stay healthy, but WOW Brazilians like to fill you up with food and after you're so full you could throw up they say, "I hope you saved room for dessert!" hahahah but foreals this is why I'm a little chunky!!! 
SO GLAD YOU GUYS ARE ALIVE AND WELL!!!! Please don't die while I'm gone because that would be too traumatizing for me. Woohoo Mom! Way to be a missionary!!! I love that you told him to find a nice Mormon girl to marry hahaha I pretty much do the same thing with any male investigator when we talk about the Temple. I LOVE talking about the temple and eternal marriage with people, its pretty much the best hahha!!!
Does this mean I get the queen bed???? Did it fit in my room?  How is my room? Life is good here, with not much new stuff! Just one of the women in the ward had a dream that me and Elder Glover were in a horse drawn chariot together, so that was pretty entertaining when she told us (luckily just me and my companion, she didn't tell the elders) hahahha we laughed A LOT about that one. Keep praying for the investigators, especially Bruno, José, Gilmara, and Serigo e Paula and their boys Pedro e Thiago. 

much love,
Sister Neal 

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