Monday, March 21, 2016

I just love Elder Holland! This is funny because last night I was thinking about how much I would like to bring him to visit investigators with us. How could you say no to Elder Holland?!?! You just cant!!! I am super excited for General Conference next week too! hahahaha Dad you just got to know so many famous people this week!!!
Danielle, the girl that I talked about last week is AMAZING! SHES GOING TO BE BAPTISED THIS WEEK! After 8 days she said to us, "I truly feel that I should be baptized. Do you all think I'm ready?" She is truly one of those people that is an elite of the Lord like it talks about in Douctrine and Covenants! I love her and I KNOW one day shes going to marry a cute RM in the Temple and man I wanna come back for that!!!
Bruno just continues to be a sad story and truly he just doesn't have the desire to change. We did everything possible, but he finds more and more excuses every day about why he can't be baptized and why he can't keep the commandments. The worst part is that he said to us that he knows one day he is going to regret not being baptized. Pretty much we dont visit him much anymore and its super sad, but we tried so much and so hard and teaching Dani now, I've learned the difference between teaching people who are truly prepared and people that you have to push in the baptismal font. It is sad though to see how people use their agency for the worst sometimes. All we can do is pray sometimes!!!
Life is good here honestly! Oh! I wanted to ask your advice on a situation where theres an 17 year old boy whos been going to our ward here for a while and whom we thought was a member until the other day when we found out that his parents wont let him be baptized. He's of age now where he could anyway soon, but he really doesnt want to go against their wishes and its the type of situatioon where they would kick him out of the house and cut all ties and missionaries have tried and tried and his dad usually doesnt even listen, just goes to the room and locks the door....but they've never talked with Sisters so I'm hoping to make a difference here hahahha. They're SUPER catholic so this is the problem. I'm hoping to just be super friendly so that they'll at least listen a little to us and let their son be baptized, because he is AMAZING and truly has the strongest testimony!

Bahhahahah STILL laughing about Brittany's comment about mental illnesses! Eh, maybe it could be a good idea? hahahha love it! 
Dad got a personal email back from Elder Holland??? What???? Does this mean we're going to be mentioned in general conference? Did he share my mountain analogy with Elder Holland? Am I going to be famous? ;-) jkjkkjk
LIFE IS GOOD AND I LOVE AREIA BRANCA SO MUUUCCHHH!!! Truly, I just love this ward and I like this area a lot and I just kinda wanna stay here for the rest of my mission, but I know thats probably not an option! I gave a talk on how obedience to the commandments brings true happiness on Sunday and I loved studying for it. I based it off the first presidency message from Elder Eyring in the January Liahona. Too good!!! Tell Baylie congrats for me and make sure to send pics! Honestly in the mission I've become even more of a romantic than I already was, its terrible hahahah all this constantly talking about eternal families and temples and such and I'm just ready to get married as soon as I get home! hahahhaha
LOVE AND MISS YOU AND I AM HEALTHY AND GOOOOD!!!!! And spiritually SO GOOD!!! I'm pretty dang pumped for General Conference! Woohoo!!!


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