Monday, March 14, 2016

hahahaha I love that this story is becoming famous! Maybe with all these prayers Bruno will finally be baptised! We're trying! This week was a little hard, because I think I got sick with some sinus crud too! It has been raining a ton here, but the worst the flooding has been is up to our calves but thats actually fairly common here, so no worries. Nobody has been rafting down the street in Kayaks like they were in São Paulo! hahahaha I love Brasil!!! The other day my throat started to hurt and by the end of the night I had a horrible headache and as we were walking home in the rain I had a pretty intense fever happening and felt super week and achey. I never get a fever, so of course I was terrified that I had Dengue, but after sleeping that night I was better and now I just have some sinus pressure happening, so I dont know, but I'm good now! 
ALSO WE HAVE A NEW INVESTIGATOR DANIELI THAT I LOVE SO MUCH. She's 25 and literally if I wasn't a member she'd be me. Her story is also a miracle. A couple of weeks ago we were rushing to get home before 9 and so we were walking super fast down the street passing people and such and suddenly something stopped me in my tracks in front of a girl. I've never felt such a strong feeling before that I had to talk to someone in the street. I was walking so quickly and it felt honestly like someone pushed me to stop and talk to this girl. I thought she'd be afraid of me, because it happened all of a sudden. I was rushing down the street one second and the other second I was saying, "Oi! Tudo bem? Somos missionárias..." She was super receptive and was like "Yes! Come visit and talk to me!" I remember as we walked (ran haha) the rest of the way home I talked to Sister Rodrigues about how strange it was that I felt that I had to stop and talk to this girl. Fast forward a little bit later and now we're teaching Danieli, a girl who at the beginning of the week wasn't sure she believed in God and now has already gone to two church activities, Church, and is reading the Book of Mormon, all of the pamphlets and talks about how much she wants to believe. She wants an answer, a strong feeling in her heart and wants it to be true, but shes also a little bit of a skeptical person and always has a TON of questions, which I actually love. Its amazing, because all of her doubts and questions are things that I've personally struggled with and had to search to understand through doctrine and prayer. Today we had transfers and I am SO HAPPY to be able to stay here in Areia Branca to continue teaching and BAPTISE her! Tenho fé!!! I love life, I LOVE the mission and I ADORE this true Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!

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