Monday, September 7, 2015

Another Letter from the McAllister's in Brazil

Dear Brother Neal,

I am so happy that you enjoyed the picture and little update on your daughter!  It was our pleasure to visit with her and her companions and to be able to share a little snapshot of her day with you and the other parents.  The CTM President and his wife were very kind to us as were the other leaders who work and serve there.  The cafeteria staff are so sweet, they are not members, but love the missionaries!! The CTM is a really large, comfortable,  nice building with lots of facilities for teaching, learning,  recreation and exercise for the missionaries.   We have 7 children and all our boys and 2 daughters served missions.  One of our sons served in Brazil and studied and lived  in the CTM, too  We had never seen the CTM so it was neat for us to know that our son had lived and worked there which also caused our thoughts to go to  all of you parents who are at home praying mightily for your missionaries and who are missing them every day. We were  excited to be allowed to take their pictures and correspond with you with  permission from the CTM President and his wife.   There was a full CTM conference yesterday followed by individual Branch Fast and Testimony meetings.  In your daughter's companionship, two of the three sisters bore their testimonies and I went up to them at the end of the meeting to congratulate and talk.  It was fun to visit  together and to see the light in their eyes and to feel their enthusiasm and excitement about the work.  All the missionaries  shared very personal feelings about the challenge of learning so much  in such a short time - which  is a miracle to behold.  The Lord blesses them - they are courageous and diligent in their efforts to  prepare to teach.  

Your sweet email brought tears to my husband and my eyes.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sharing with us, your daughter is blessed with wonderful parents!  With  your love and support she will continue to shine as she spreads the joy of the Gospel here.   

All the best to you and your family!
Tenha um bom dia!
Doug and Janice McAllister 

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