Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Alina's Letter - 9/16/2015

Okay! So to start off this week at the CTM was amazing per usual! This friday we had Proselitismo (proselyting) where in your fourth week you get to go out to some part of the city with your instructor and actually talk to real Brazilians and hand out some Livros De Mórmon! It was insane because my district went to a metro station. We were all pretty dang nervous at first, but then I just got pumped and started going up to strangers and talking to them and I LOVE IT! My companions were a little more nervous than I so I feel kind of bad that I would just spaz and run over to random strangers when the desire hit me, but they got used to it and felt more confident as we went along I think. I was able to understand the general gist of what people were saying usually so that was nice! We all definitely still need a LOT of work on the Portuguese though haha It's funny because whenever we ask someone if they believe in God they're like "Of course!!! We're in Brazil! We all believe in God!" And then after more talking we find out they havent prayed, gone to church, or read the Bible in years, so our message is still fairly new to them, because many don't even know what it would mean to have a relationship with God. It was hilarious at one point though when we stopped to talk to an older man and he just stared at my companion fairly creepily and was like, "Olhos azuis!" Blue eyes! And looks at all three of us and is like, you all have blue eyes! But then stops and continues to stare at my companion Sister Siggard and goes "Olhos como o mar!" -Eyes like the sea! And we're trying to talk to him, but he's not even listening to anyone, just staring at Sister Siggard hahaha and then as we all go to shake his hand after somehow leaving him with a Book of Mormon he kisses her hand and invites us all back to his place! No thank you, creepy man!!! But it was honestly hilarious and I feel totally safe here, even in the sketchy areas of São Paulo that we saw. People are just usually friendly and willing to talk to you, especially about God! The majority of the country is Catholic, so it was fun to talk to some very religious people, including one woman who already knew exactly what we were going to say before we even tried to share our message hahahha

Teaching is going better and better each week too. Irmão Dos Santos, one of our teachers gave a great lesson about how we need to give all of our heart and soul each lesson to every pesquisador. If we truly know what we're sharing is true, then why wouldnt we be making every sacrifice to give it to other people?? We had a really spiritual lesson the other day with `"Fernanda" and it was about tithing and fast offerings (if you don't know what that means, ask a Mormon, or better yet a missionary;) of all things! The Spirit can't help but testify of the truthfulness of every aspect of the Gospel. I know that I am here for a reason and I know that that reason is the Savior wants me here in this specific place, at this specific time. This Gospel is everything to me and I am eternally grateful to everyone who has helped me gain a testimony of the years, taught me about the gospel, encouraged me to go on a mission, and helped to make this misssion thing actually happen. Thank you!!!! Love you guys!!!

Sister Neal


Okay, so apparently my teachers blood pressure went up because she had like an instestinal blockage and that caused her to pass wut. I honestly do not understand how that works, but its a good story and my companions think I have reflexes like a cat because of the way I leapt and caught her hahaha okay! So a regular day is wake up at 630, breakfast at 7, personal study after breakfast until 830 (like gospel study), then language study until 915. After that we have physical activity! Wooo! I play volleyball almost every day, it is glorious and the Brazilians are so funny with how they always use their feet in volleyball hahha Then we shower and make ourselves look decent, then from 1030-1145 we have TALL, which is this language learning program on the computers that teaches us portuguese in the context of like teaching gospel lessons, then we have lunch, then aditional study, then 3 hours with Dos Santos, which includes taking turns teaching him as "Idário" then we have dinner, then more additional study, then 3 hours with Irmã Fuocu which also includes teaching her as "Fernanda." Then at 9pm we have planning for the next day, 930 is snack and the go get ready for bed! Honestly it is insane and each day feels like 12 years hahhaa but the weeks have absolutley FLOWN!

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