Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alina's Letter - 9/2/15

Unfortunatly I dont have a lot of time to write, because I got a lot of emails to read, so actually thank you to everyone who send me one, because that is so sweet of yall:) Life in the CTM is still good! We teach 1-2 lessons a day now and totally in Portuguese, so that is hard, but amazing. It is awesome being here because we are told to speak our language  all day and so you get a lot of practice, but you also get a whole lot of humbling because you are reminded every day just how far you are from being fluent hahaha

This week 3rd Nephi 11 has been my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. It is when Christ first appears in the America's after His resurrection and boy is that powerful. 
Missionary life is awesome! I am constantly tired, stressed, but so happy and having so much fun honestly! haha Maybe not fun, like most 19 year olds think about fun, but it really is!!! I LOVE IT
To everyone, please mail me any pics of us together or fun pictures to put in this little photo album I have! I would love that! And btw it takes 10 days to get from Kentucky to here, so I may not respond a ton, or at all to any letters I get... SORRY!!

Much Love from Brazil,

Sister Neal

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