Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Alina's Letter - 9/9/15

I decided to do the group message first since hopefully then I'll actually get it done! Life at the CTM is awesome as usual! Working hard or hardly working? Yeah, the answer would be ALWAYS working haha but as I've said before, I love my district, so the hard work is also always a party.
This week they split my district and it was actually traumatizing for me! I LOVE everyone and when they let us know that it would now be two districts (one with 6 people and the other with 7) I was ticked, and literally teared up, almost crying as they directed us into our separate classrooms. Well, as is usual in life I realized that the tears were a little overdramatic and it has been nice being in just a smaller district. I still miss everyone else a lot (its hard to go from seeing them 16 hours a day to just every once in a while and on p-days), but our smaller district has gotten even closer and we are much better at focusing and getting done everything we need to. Less 18 year old boys in one room = way better focusing? Who would have guessed?!?!

Something crazy that happened yesterday was that our "investigator" (actually our teacher who role plays with us) passed out as we were commiting her to a baptismal date! It was fairly scary as Irmâ Fuocu had been complaining about a stomach pain and then suddenly her eyes got all fluttery and she said "Meninas meninas, serio, serios" (girls, girls, this is real) and then in dainty english "falling" and as she starts to fall out of her chair I leap over and catch her! I told my companions to go get water and help as I tried to talk to Irmâ and make sure she was at least breathing as she came back too. Strong Spirit or what?! Just kidding, but they took her to the doctor and hopefully we'll here today if all is well with her. We've all been praying hard for her, especially my poor companions who were frozen and sat there terrified as it happened. I know my sister in law Brittany is shaking her head right now saying "I told her she should be a nurse!" ;) 

On a more spiritual note, we had an awesome devotional yesterday by the President of the entire Brazil area, and if we're being honest I dont even really know what he does or what that means, but it was broadcast over all of brazil and missionaries from the São Paulo areas came to the CTM to watch. He and his counselors talked a lot about missionary work and the blessings and it was just another confirmation that I made the right choice. I know this is the true church of Christ restored on the Earth today. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to tell everyone I can that this is true! I have a testimony of it as I know it in my mind, but also feel it in my heart. Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!

Sister Neal

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