Monday, June 20, 2016

Letters 6/20/2016

Send me Grandmas pancake and maple syrup recipe if you can real quick. 
Also, how do you substitute for butter milk, because they dont have that here?
I'm good on shoes, just freezing TO DEATH, but I think it would be dramatic to ask for you all to send me a coat, since I should probably buy one here. I'll buy it when I receive my new debit card, because the one I have now isnt working, but thats as to be expected hahaha

Life is good here, just preparing to receive a new Presidente on the 29th, so I have no idea what my lifes gonna be like a couple weeks from now and honestly not at all prepared for the change lol, we shall see.....
We're teaching a really great family right now where the husband is a less active and we're teaching his wife, though they're not actually married, and their two teenage kids who are awesome and more motivated than their parents a lot of the time. The worst part is that it is the less active husband who doesn't want to get married and yet his dream is for his entire family to be baptized and be part of the church, sooooo we pretty much talked about the plan of Salvation yesterday and laid it on the table for them. The best part was when Sister Alencar looked at them and said, "As parents, are you all doing what you should so that your family can live in the Celestial Kingdom one day?" DIRECT BAM. They looked pretty ashamed and even though it was probably more of a rhetorical question, they both answered no out loud, so here is to hope and prayers. Pray for Alessandro, Ivanilda, Laizla, and Kaique for me pleeeaasssseeee.
All is well and life is delightful even though the exclamation mark doesn't work on this keyboard, so I can't fully express my excitement and feelings, but as is LIFE
Much love,
Sister Neal 

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