Friday, May 27, 2016

May 23, 2016

Letter to Mom:

I will use the avon bug lotion for sure, because really my problem with bug spray is that its greesy and smells bad so hahahah itll be good for me! Also, let everyone know that NO I will not be wearing those pants approved for Sisters in some parts of Brasil, I think its only in the missions closer to the Amazons where the bugs are REALLY bad! Here, we'll stick to skirts;) which I'm still super happy with because I havent seen any pictures, but I'm sure the pants approved for sister missionaries are terribly ugly and not flattering, and ya know what, I like skirts! Can you believe that I haven't worn real pants, like jeans, in 9 months now? We look for so many service projects but nobody asks Sisters to do anything, they only ask Elders! We know how to paint and tear things down too you guyyyyssss! 
Yeah, I'm going to miss Areia Branca A LOT!!! But it is good and I think I need a change.
My dream is to be transferrred to Ubatuba, the part of our mission more north that is SUPER rural and far away. I hear it is beautiful and is completley different from the rest of our mission. Pray for me;) haha I'll have news next week for sure, though if I'm actually transferred to ubatuba I might not have time to write hahahah LOVE YOU!!!!!
Sister Rodrigues made a Happy 9 Months sign for me and I had to take the classic Sister missionary halfway mark- 9 months pics hahahahahaha

Letter to Dad:

Awwww Dad you're just saying that because I barely wrote to you guys last week, how rude trying to manipulate me and make me feel bad;) Good to hear that all is going well there and I hope that the funeral was nice. Thanks for your prayers and keep praying for miracles for us, because lets just say WE NEED THEM! Ana Carolina disappeared and we try to visit her every day, which is really hard because she lives on the other side, where we have to go by boat, but I don't know what happened or where she is, but just pray for miracles, miracles, and MORE miracles! It was funny this Sunday, because after going to pick up 6 investigators to walk with them to Church (only two actually woke up and answered the door) we entered the church at like 8:58 hurrying to arrive on time, but also trying to stay calm and explain what the church is like for the investigators and not rush them, and Boom Presidente Cabral is in the door way greeting everyone! hahahaha it was funny just because it was a shock that he and Sister Cabral decided to visit for our ward conference, but it was cool, because they got to meet some of our investigators and the ward conference was Amazing!!! And during Gospel Principles the teacher showed this great new version of the Prodigal Son (I don't think it was from the church) and everyone was just crying and it was a great lesson on repentance! The video was one with no dialouge and it starts with this guy packing a stereo and some suitcases into a car and leaving the big fancy house with this dad and brother in the doorway and during one part there's a song I think by One Republic....that's all I've got  hahaha good luck finding it! This week was good though and we have transfers next week, so we'll see what happens! I don't think I'll stay here, but we'll see. I've truly loved this area SO MUCH. I have so many investigators, recent converts, less actives that we reactivated, and members and leaders here that I truly want to come back and visit. What a life!!!!
Have a great week!!!! And enjoy the climate that I'm sure is warming up! It is just raining a ton and pretty chilly here! Though, I don't really know what cold is anymore I think hahahaha
Sister Neal 

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