Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Life is never dull! hahahah Still laughing that mom broke her phone;) 
News for this week! I am now the senior companion here in Boa Esperança with one Sister Santos! She is super sweet and cute, but insanely shy. She doesn't talk much and when she does talk it is very quietly and I have to lean in closely to hear. This is quite the change from Sister Oliveira who is loves to talk and is loud and insane like me. It was hard suddenly going from being with my trainer to trying to help someone else and lead, but it's been good. I've discovered that with more responsibility I've had to truly stop and think sometimes and I've grown more than I ever expected just in the past week. Some serious blessings (miracles, honestly) that have happened is that suddenly I'm understanding people WAY better, even our recent convert Antonio who is from the North east who has a way crazy accent. The Lord is blessing and I am praying A LOT!!! 
In other news, we have a mission conference this wednesday! For the first time in the history of the church the apostles are going to have a World Wide Missionary broadcast. That means that me and all my other friends who are serving in every other part of the world will be watching the same broadcast. I'm not sure whats going to happen, but this is BIG and will probably change the way we work as missionaries. I'm super excited! Also, super excited to see all the other missionaries that I'm friends with as well hahahaha Can't deny that I like socializing. Well that is about all for this week since we have less time now to write emails and I have approximately 5 minutes left until I have to go! 
Life is good, missionary work is hard, but IT IS WORTH IT!!! 

I LOVE AND MISS YA DAD!!! You can come take some of this heat hahahhaha it is hot and I am ridiculously tan and my hair is ridiculously blonde, so its pretty funny.

Até mais!!!
Sister Neal 

I am now THE SENIOR COMPANION WITH A GIRL WHO IS SUPER SHY. Presidente talked to me on the phone and was like, "I gave you this responsibility because I trust you" blah blah and now here I am with barely 5 months on the mission, trying to act like I know what I'm doing and help someone else gain confidence and learn how to be a better missionary...wut. We're still in good ol Boa Esperança and with LMA João, so I know if I have an emotional breakdown he will help us out hahahah! Have I mentioned how improtant it is to have a good ward mission leader???? Sister Oliveira is in Orquidaria in legit Santos the city now and shes good! Shes doing physical therapy and hopefully improving. I miss her TONS, but its been good, because I'm growing now in different ways. I would write more, but we only have 90 minutes now of itnernet time (new rule wahoo!) and so I am rushing a LOT to read and respond to as many as I can! Tell all my siblings that I read their emails and would like to respond more, but didnt have time. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your emails and seeing the pictures!!!!
LOVE YOU tonssssss Mommy!!!!!

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