Monday, October 26, 2015

Alina Letter - 10/26/2015

Hey everyone! Life is going wll as usual here in good ol' Santos, Brazil! This weeks funny story is one of slight embarrassment, but good entertainment for two or so zones in my mission, so really I am just here to help. Our zone leaders called Sunday morning to inform us that there was a special broadcast at the Stake Center that night for all missionaries, youth, and youth leaders where we would be able to hear the President and counselors of the entire Brazil area speak at the CTM (centro de treinamento missionĂ¡rio or Brazil MTC). I thought this was a little strange since the same thing had happened when I was at the CTM, but thought "oh well! Maybe this happens more than I thought." So we are sitting in the chapel and the broadcast begins and I hear the choir singing and the camera zooms in and I see a lot of people I know, which is strange considering that everyone I know in the CTM has been out in the field for a fairly significant amount of time. That is when I realized that this wasn't a new broadcast or live, this was the broadcast that I was at about 6-7 weeks ago. The fear set in a little bit as I hoped the camera wouldn't zoom in on me, but I was sitting in one of the closer rows up front and had already spotted myself singing. So, long story short, the camera zoomed up on my face and every missionary in the chapel turns and looks at me with confusion and astonishment on their faces, since apparently, like me, not everyone knew this wasn't live hahahha. Some people literally thought I had a twin sister that is in the CTM right now, so that was entertaining as well. On a more serious, but also more awesome note, we brought a less-active member to this broadcast, 18 year old Lucas. He is the oldest of 7 kids and we love the entire family already. He was baptized when he was 12 or 13 and their family hasn't been to church for a few years, but everyone wants to return, especially the mom. He loved the broadcast and reunited with old church leaders and friends like he never left. It was beautiful and he is way more popular than we ever realized hahaha And now he is talking about serving a mission, so of course I am praying for that! 
Until next week!!!

Sister Neal (or *meow* as many people call me) 

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