Monday, October 19, 2015

Alina Letter - 10/19/2015 - with pics : )

Sooooo today I have oficially been in Brazil for 2 months exactly! Ah! Where does the time go?? You got the right chapel alright! haha I was confused at first, but it is exactly the same and nope, only our one little ward meets there even though it is HUGE. Huge even though there were about 70 people at sacrament meeting this week I believe, including only like 12 priesthood holders, so that can be kind of a challenge to find people to help us, but the active members are awesome which is so nice. The bishop is hilarious and i love him even though he surprised us about an hour before sacrament meeting (we have sacrament meeting last actually) with short talks! Apparently every third sunday is about the Obra Missionaria and we are supposed to give a little talk. I did the best I could, talked a little about how it was through members and not missionaries that you came to actually know the church and therefore how important members are to missionary work and I just pray that everyone understood hahaha! Turns out portuguese accents are much different than a spanish accent and way harder, so sometimes people dont understand what Im saying when I talk, but I am working on it! They have a lot of sounds that literally dont exist in the spanish or english language and it is so unnatural! Like the name john in portuguese is João, and that ão that is in TONS of words is so hard to do! It comes from like the throat and you dont close your lips, but you narrow your mouth a little, heck if i know! 

I emailed mom about my bday/christmas so you all can talk about that:) Also yes, that picture is of a nicer part of my area! We have some real poverty here that I'll write a letter to you all and describe probably, because wow, I am more thankful for my life every day. Some people here are pretty much just living in their own filth and it is sad to see. 

Thanks for everything!!! I got my little package from the stake missionary thing! BUT there was some problem or something in it that wasnt supposed to enter the country or something so we are actually in Santos the city right now where I had to go to the federal post office type place and pay R$35, so as is life hahaha

Sista Neal 

They have delicious bread here and also it is usually filled with cheese or meat hahaha
Also, biggest snail Ive ever seen in my life!!! And yes, I am usually that sweaty and frizzy haired....

Our room! and me today writing a letter to bryanna on the bus!

Our apartment and my first meal in the field after a rainy day!

A nicer part of my area and how everyone rides bikes with these little children seats!

With Presidente and Sister Swenson of the CTM!

 My entire district on our last day with our insturctor Irmão Dos Santos. I dont know who took this picture, but its horrible haha I was probably laughing because Elder Beatty said something rude to me 

In the red tie is my friend that we collided during volleyball hahaha


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