Thursday, August 20, 2015

Alina's First E-Mail - Day 1

Hey!! So i made it and we have a few minutes to send a quick note to tell you that all is well! :) Im sure youve been awake since early hoping for a call and traumatized that it didnt come haha also im still getting used to this brazilian portuguese keyboard so its different and i wont be using great punctuation for now just because it is more work than im willing to put in! So far i am LOVING it!! There is portuguese being spoken all around me and it is the most beautiful language, plus im able to understand a lot of it because of the spanish that i know. So that makes me seriously happy!
Shout out to mom for making me cry with that sweet card and cute pics of me as a baby with you all. Though i admit, right now it isnt all that hard to make me cry;) I miss you all already terribly, but luckily my MTC companion Sister Stiggard is super sweet, like insanely nice and she loves reading (JANE AUSTEN woooo) and singing, so we already have a lot in common. Also! Shes even going to the same mission as me, good ol Santos! The plane right was uneventful, just very long and im exhausted since I didnt get very much sleep, but luckily no neasua or any kind of sickness, except one lady passed out on the plane and had to get oxygen, but thats a story for a later date with more time;) I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND MISS YOU!!! Tudo bem!!! Ciao!!!

Your fave sis mish,
Sister Alina Neal

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